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Setting: Mexican restaurant in town. J and I have just finished our Sunday dinner and are still sitting in our booth, chatting. We had listened to the Cubs game on the way over, and we left the car to come in to the restarant, the Cubs were up 4-1.

Papa-Lu: You ready to go?
Mama-Lu (who, remember, is 8 1/2 months along): Can we sit here for a little longer?
P (noticeably antsy): (mumbles something about the Cubs and the end of the game)
M: It's probably over, anyway.
P (knows his wife is right, but adds, half jokingly, half jerkishly): What if the Cubs are in the middle of a historic rally? I could be missing it!

Cut to the car, 15-20 minutes later. Papa-Lu turns the radio on.

Cubs radio announcer Pat Hughes: Your final from Wrigley Field. The Chicago Cubs 12, the Pittsburgh Pirates 1. The Cubs seal the game with a HUGE seven-run rally in the ninth!

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Hey Chris,

Just stopped by to say hi from France on your new blog. :) Ya know, some of your text doesn't come up unless I highlight it-- but I think that you mentioned that you already knew that. :)


Hi Lisa!

The flaky text is not something I can do anythign about I think. Try using another browser if you can.

Achete pour moi quelque chose chouette! Peut-etre du bon vin!

(I'm 6 years removed from my last French class so pardon any butchering.)

You're in France!?
Drop me a line!


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