"It's kind of like a snooze alarm"


Apparently, Illinois is just one of eleven states who are passed their deadline to have a budget in place for the next fiscal year. Article from the Champaign News-Gazette

Gov. Rod Blagojevich and the four legislative leaders were expected to resume negotiations today in hopes of passing a spending plan before the current budget expires June 30.

The key leaders still can't agree on basic issues, such as how much the state should spend and where to get that money, but they are not entirely alone in their quest. The budget situation is being echoed in a handful of other states, including California, New Jersey and Pennsylvania....

Unlike here in Illinois, the deadline in California does not include an increase in the number of votes needed to pass a budget. It has been missed so many times that few consider it binding.

"It's kind of like a snooze alarm," Senate President pro tem John Burton, D-San Francisco told the Sacramento Bee this week.
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