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"The Idea Queen" - that is one of the titles which Mama-Lu owns, and for good reason. Last night she had the idea to grill steaks, so we swung by Schnucks and grabbed two ribeyes that weighed about one and one quarter pounds, pre-cooked. I fired up the grill while she prepped them. We also grilled a skewer of 'shrooms along with the steaks and had zucchini on the side.

The result was almost perfect. One side got a little too dark for my taste, but they were the juciest steaks I think I ever had, which J says it's due to the fact that they were never frozen. Additionally, they were almost a perfect medium rare, with the browner side being closer to medium.

The point of all of this is that the same meal would have cost us about 30-40 bucks in a decent restaurant, but I think we did even better than any restaurant in town for a third of the price. In fact, the cost of dinner last night was about the same as the cost of two McDonald's value meals, was much more nutritious, and about 20 times as good. Just another example of why eating out is like flushing money down the toilet.

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i use the mcdonalds yardstick, too. it costs $18 to feed my family a mcd meal, and you can get a lot of good food at the store for $18.

Chris, Have you gotten that text problem figured out yet? Like the look of your new place, but I'd also like to be able to read it. :)

when the text fades, I hit refresh and it corrects itself.


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