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We've been getting the "boy or girl" question a lot lately. The answer: we don't know!

BUT... a couple of weeks ago, J and I had 3 dreams between the two of us, and it was a boy each time.

AND.. J has for a long time said that she thinks it's a boy.

BUT... at J's first shower, my brother and I did a scientific experiment: we released a two helium balloons, one pink, one blue outside. We could see the pink balloon longer before it disappeared into the distance.

So.... you decide...

Bonus points for whoever can correctly complete the following quote:

"May their first child be a _________ _____."

I realize there's probably many words that can complete that quote, but there's only one phrase I'm thinking of...

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... masculine child.

...healthy baby. :)

holy saint :)

You never answered your last "contest!"

Zadok: BINGO!

Rosie, Lisa: wrong, but probably a more pious wish

Monika: I did too!

I guess I'd better make it clear that I was referencing a film quote rather than expressing any kind of mysogonistic sympathies! :)


Yes, for all who played and lost, the correct quote given by Zadok is from "The Godfather."

I am so fond of quoting Luca Brazzi when attending weddings or finding out that a friend is expecting.......not that I really favor masculine children. But I'm a big Godfather fan.......(I'm surprised neither of my boys is named Al Pacino. Or even Michael, Sonny or Fredo..... :) )


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