Have I lost my mind?

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I just got my first wetting by the little Tyke this evening.

The sick part: I thought it was great!

I had pee all up my arm and all over the couch, and I was smiling and giggling.

This just goes to prove that you can get away with anything if you're cute enough.

I assume - and you veteran parents can chime in if you wish - that this sort of thing gets decidedly less novel as time goes on, yes? Oh well. I guess I'll lap it up (the novelty, not the pee) while I can.

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it gets less novel because it gets less like water and more like PEE!

I would certainly hope it would get less novel.

You also get quicker at changing the diapers, so it happens less frequently if not at all... The one that is less novel is when you thought he was done pooping and go to change the diaper and he wasn't. That's not so novel, that's a mess.

i'd just like to add that the look on your face when it happened was more like a little boy running through a sprinkler than a grown man being sprinkled upon. it was hilarious to see more excited than concerned about the geyser on our couch.

Note to self: Do not sit on the Lu couch.

If he was giggling about it, then you have "A good one there". Keep this in your mind or write it down. It may well become part of "Family Lore". Some of us have been known to keep it set aside for 15-20 years and then bring it back out again.

I, for one, miss that age. So much life, so much learning, so much joy to share! Oh, and the child is learning quickly also.

Lisa: for the record, we gave the couch a good scrubbing after it happened.

And no, unfortunately we didn't get a picture :)

John: I am quite amazed at Matthew's development. The big thing for me is to see his range of vision increasing. I love to see him turning his head and try to focus on things that previously were probably just blurs of masses of light. He's trying to explore this crazy world we've brought him into, and I get a front row seat in watching him and helping him to discover it!


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