Could it be? I guess not.

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Mama-Lu is having particular strong contractions right now, less than five minutes apart. You know it's strong when I've rented A Hard Day's Night and she doesn't want to watch it.

So we're going to give it a little bit and then if they're still going we'll head in to the hospital. Dr. Bradley says that the way to tell if it's real labor is to eat, drink, bathe, walk and sleep. If the contractions are still coming, it may be time. If you're still not sure, then repeat the five steps. So, we're walking through them right now.

Check back here or give a call for more info. To get on the email list, drop me a line.

St. Gerard, pray for us!

UPDATE: False Alarm. After a walk up and down our pitch black street, we came in and J fell soundly asleep. We have an appointment this afternoon, so hopefully we'll find out something good!

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This is very exciting......

(I personally think Dr. Bradley should have added "Mom wants to throw a brick through the TV "as a sign of real, serious labor. Rick always knew it was the real deal when something I wanted to watch was on the tube and I used all my energy to gasp - or shriek - "Turn it off, NOW!)

Keeping you all in my prayers.... :)


You guys are killing me here! All day I walked around, thinking that you & J were having the baby!

I can only imagine what it is like for you two! :) But seriously, you were prayed for from St. Peters today!


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