Conflicting dreams

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My brother called me from his visit to California to notify me that we're having a girl because he dreamed it so. I had to break it to him about the three-dream week J and I had (additionally, we each had dreams back in the fall that we were having a boy).

All I have to say is, she better not go tomorrow, I haven't played on my parish softball team in four weeks, and they've not done too well without me (not that I'm the superstar or whatever, but I'm a capable third baseman and nobody else wanted to touch the position).

Kidding aside, tomorrow would be a great day to have the baby for a couple of reasons: one, it's our due date; and two, a year ago on Saturday June 7th, Jenny and I took a one-day retreat together at the Franciscan hospital sisters' convent in P-town to prepare for the wedding.

I highly recommend something like this for any of you engaged folk. We had Mass with the sisters, prayed a few hours of the office, prayed the full Rosary and spent some time in Adoration. Later in the day, we spent time talking about how things were going getting ready for the wedding (I was still looking for work at the time) and talked about some thigs regarding what we wanted our family life to be like. We ended the day by going to Confession at a nearby parish.

So yeah, tomorrow is our due date. I know that really doesn't mean anything, but I really want to hold my baby!

Today in Mass there was the cutest little boy in the pew in front of us. He spent most of the time during the Psalm turning and smiling at us. He looked like a wee angel, and there was something very peaceful about looking at the little cherub, sitting next to me wife and veiled baby and singing, "Oh Lord our God, how wonderful your works in all the earth!"

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June 7 is a good birthday. (My late father's birthday. It's nice to have your special day connected with the start of summer etc. My Mom's birthday is August 31. You can guess what she got as gifts....)

June 6 is our #3 daughter's birthday. 22 years and we still haven't run out of Omen jokes.

1st babies are usually late, you know.

Alicia- yes we do know about the 1st child late thing. Additionally, all 7 of Js brothers and sisters were late, as were my brother and sister (and yes, I know that on-time delivery isn't necessrily genetic, but all signs never pointed to an early delivery).

Ellyn- well, we missed the due date, now hopefully the baby will come by the 21st or else we'll have to redo the whole baby-pool at work.

My birthday is August 31! A good day to be born.


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