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If anybody knows what I can do to prevent the text from vanishing or otherwise flaking out, please do let me know. It is slightly on the annoying side to have to highlight my blog to read it.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jeff Miller for helping me solve my problem! His answer is in the comment boxes, in case anybody experiences a similar problem.

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Don't see a problem with the last two posts, but if Alicia's suggestion doesn't work, email Jeff Miller. He's quite good with this stuff and more than willing to help.

I just tested out your blog and in Internet Explorer the problem appears of what look like some lines merging together. If I load the same page using Mozilla there is no problem.

It could be a problem of IE rendering your CSS tag used for the post area. You might look at your style sheet at the setting to check line spacing or another attribute.

If you don't know anything about CSS then you could copy your Style Sheet template and email to me and I would take a look at it.

Here is the solution in case anybody else runs into the same problem.

In CSS stylesheet under blogbody change where it says "line-height:100%;" to "line-height:normal;"


I don't know if he's a genius, but he's awfully good.


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