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Hello everybody!

Welcome to my newest on-line endeavor, Papa Familias, a blog on which I hope to document elements of my life as father of a family, among other things.

My wife (whom you may see refered to as "Mama-Lu," "J-Lu," "J," or occasionally even by her Christian name, "Jenny") is due to deliver our first child (whose gender is as yet unknown) on June 7. This current state of anticipation is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. For 8 1/2 months now, I've watched my wife's tummy slowly expand, and have felt my baby kicking and wiggling around. There have already been hard time, as Mama-Lu had fairly harsh morning sickness, and was more or less bed-ridden for two months. There were also uncertainties, as up until I got a new job at the end of March, we didn't have health insurance.

All that considered, the most significant thing I can say about the past 8 months of preparation for our little one is that it has been full of joy! We'd only been married a few weeks when we conceived, so the past nine months have been a learning experience in many, many ways. As my wife and I have come to know each other more fully, and as our little one has been growing and preparing to make his debut, I have experienced joys I never thought possible.

It is this joy that I hope to be able to share in some way. I think joy will be a constant theme of this blog, because it is a constant theme of my life. I have a wonderful God who created me, loves me, and blessed me with a will, intellect and desire to grow in love; I have a wife who loves me and shares my desire for a blessed and joyful life; and I have a little one on the way, the fruit of both of those loves. I don't know how or why it happened, but I find myself with everything I ever hoped or dreamed for, and I can't help but want to share my joy with the world.

It seems an ambitious goal, but those are the best ones to set.

In addition to a father, I can't help but be a Catholic, pro-life Cubs fan, and so content related to all of those things will undoubtedly find their way onto these pages. Additionally, I enjoy good food, a good drink and an occasional smoke (I knew I found the right woman when I realized that she supports all of my vices), so look out for info on tobacky and mixology ideas.

I hope to see you around often. You are always welcome to visit and to comment on anything you see here.

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Welcome and congratulations. I will be praying for you and your family. Welcome to St. Blogs

Mr. Lu*! Welcome to St. Blogs. Have you given any thought to the child's education?

Bonus points: recite the joke whose punch line this is.

Bill, husband of your former co-worker Lisa.

Hi Bill,

I don't get the joke at all... forgive me...

As for homeschooling, it's definitely a possibilty. It all depends on our circumstances.

Thanks for stopping by!

Lessee, Bethlehem, the Holy Family in the stable, here come a Dominican, a Benedictine and a Jesuit. The Dominican kneels in adoration and begins to wax eloquent on the glory of the Incarnation; the Benedictine kneels in adoration and intones an ancient chant in praise of the glories of the Incarnation; the Jesuit takes Joseph aside and says, "Have you given any thought to the child's education?"

It's an old one from back when Jesuits provided a Catholic education.

Ooooohhh.... I see. I was confused as to what punchline you were talking about! I was honestly wondering what joke would have "Bill, husband of.." as a punchline!


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