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I'm having three problems with my blog:

1) I want the box with the posts in it to appear in full without having to scroll to the right.

2) My text is kind of spastic. Sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn't. If I scroll away it'll disappear.

3) Viewed with Netscape, any link in the left hand column that appears in the upper part of the column, above the bottom of the posts container, does not work, it doesn't even hyperlink.

If anybody has advice on how to cure any of these problems, I'd be most appreciative.

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I think this behavior is related to the width specification you've put in the "content" style.

I fixed that problem after I changed to a 3 column format that I found on the internet. let me know if you want a peek at my template code or CSS sheet.
As St Blogs' resident midwife, let me say congratulations on your newest family member.

Alicia: I would love to have a look.

RC: It was like that before I specified any width, but I'm still tinkering.

Dropping the 'width' fixes the problem in Mozilla, but not IE. The flaky text is also an IE problem.

I think if you specify a width style with a more modest size: maybe 500px, that'll help.

Thanks all!


I went back in to change my template and realized that I had the width set to 1025, when I had originally meant for it to be 750! We'll see how it looks now...


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