Acknowledgements, of a sort...


Before I do anything else, I would like to place my new blog under the proper patronage.

First of all, St. Joseph, in whose example of fatherhood I hope to seek guidance, and by whose mighty prayers I hope our family will flourish: pray for our family.

Second, St. Augustine, my patron, who saw me through my initial conversion 7 years ago, and who I hope to emulate by continually growing in prayerful knowledge of God: pray for my family.

Third, St. Boniface, who has already been so powerful an intercessor for us: pray for our family.

Fourth, Bl. Elizabeth of the Trinity, who first helped me to understand and then to experience true prayer and praise of God: pray for our family.

Fifth, St. Maximilian Kolbe, who established the Militia Immaculata and demonstrated in his death what it truly means to lay down one's flesh: pray for our family.

Sixth, Mary, Mystical Rose, united to Christ totally, blessed because she heard the Word of God and treasured it in her heart, pierced by a sword and united still with God in heaven: pray for our family.

And finally, may the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which bled for us, and to which our family is consecrated, have mercy on us!

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