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South Carolina Choose Life Plate Declared Unconstitutional

A three judge panel of the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says the plates violate the First Amendment because they give a forum for pro-life advocates to present their views, but not abortion supporters.

"One injury the plaintiffs allege is the discriminatory treatment they suffer from the State's use of the license plate forum to promote one political viewpoint (pro-life) in the debate about abortion. The plaintiffs are correct," the court said.

This is quite simply a big fat hunk of crap. The only injury the plaintiffs are suffering from is severe moral dysfunction. If they elect liberal legislators, then they could get "Choose Death" or "Get an Abortion" license plates or whatever euphemism they want to use. But since this is South Carolina, they can't, so they complain instead.

I don't think "Choose Life" license plates are the biggest pro-life fight right now. It's a relatively minor issue in itself, but I think it serves a great purpose in showing the lengths abortion advocates will go to put the hammer on the pro-life movement. The only motive fueling the opposition to "Choose Life" plates is spite.

Abortion is mega-funded in this country. How often do you hear about an abortion center closing for lack of money? It happens, but it's pretty rare. It's a multi-billion dollar industry with plenty to go around for anybody who wants to join.

Crisis pregnancy centers, on the other hand, without exception operate on shoestring budgets. They beg and plead for the smallest donations. $5 here, $20 there - an occasional windfall, but nothing like the millions of dollars heaped upon Planned Parenthood, NOW, and Catholics for a Free Choice by Ted Turner, Hugh Hefner and the like...

[You'd think more women would think about the fact that the man most widely recognized as promoting women solely as objects of pleasure absolutely loves abortion.]

...these donors include some state governments that fund some abortions. Now here comes an initiative to provide a little funding to these Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and the abortion industry goes nuts.

Where on earth is it in the Constitution that all sides of a political issue have to be given equal forums? How can an honest person believe this is the real issue? If that were so, shouldn't Congress pass an 12-figure bill to fund groups that want the U.S. to pull out of Iraq? And shouldn't we be spending 8 or 9 figures on a Department of Homeland Insecurity, to make sure that an equal forum is provided to all those who believe that innocent Americans should die by the thousands?

What abortion promoters are upset about is the fact that the people of South Carolina and many other states have all decided to promote the idea of giving birth over the idea of abortion. This is unpalatable to those who must have abortion at all costs. They are enraged by the fact that money is going to help mothers have babies instead of destroy them. They would rather have money go to fund their frivolous lawsuits than to give a struggling CPC money to buy a little technology so an uncertain mother can know just what exactly this fetus is that she's considering aborting.

Like I said, this is not the biggest issue on the pro-life slate, but in many ways it is the most telling. "Choose Life" license plates provide money to people who do a lot of real good, "Choose Life" programs have no negative consequences.

Abortion advocates hate them anyway. Doesn't that tell you something?

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